There’s something about personalizing your wedding that makes weddings so unique and intimate. You can infuse your personality and passion into your wedding details to personalize your day. If you are a music-loving couple, we have compiled ten music-themed ideas you can infuse into your wedding!


APE 10 Wedding Ideas For Music Lovers

●      Instrument-Inspired Decor

There are ways you can decorate some wedding details to represent musical instruments. For instance, you may create a guitar-shaped guest book or use a gramophone as a flower vase.


●      Handwritten Lyrics

If you have lyrics that resonate with you or with your wedding moment, you can make custom wedding signs handwritten around the venue. It could be a DIY project with handwritten lyrics on the wall.


●      Concert Hall Venue

Make a concert-themed wedding sign outside your reception, or get a concert venue for your wedding.


●      Music Themed Wedding Backdrop

Do you know how some wedding venues have a green wall or flower wall backdrop? You can make your backdrop music-themed with guitars, disks, frames, posters, and other things that express the love for music.


●      Hanging Disks

You can replace balloons in your venue with music disks.


●      Music Cupcake

Cupcakes with musical packaging and designs will impress your guest and add to your wedding’s uniqueness.


●      Concert-Inspired Invitation Cards

Rather than go with the standard wedding invitation cards, have your wedding invitation designed to look like concert tickets.


●      Song Request Cards

Make crafty request cards for guests to reply with songs they will love the DJ to play.


●      Use Music Sheets

You can use music sheets for your confetti cone, wrap up favors for guests, or display table names.


●      Use Old Records to Display Table Names

Those old records in your house can be put to use at your wedding. Use them as decoration or to display table names or seating plans.


●      Name Tables After Favorite Singers

Name all tables after your favorite singers or albums or anything music-related.


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