You’ve been planning your wedding for so long and the day’s finally here. Ideally, your only job that day is to ensure you feel your best self because it’s a truly grand and momentous event. Enjoy the moment, soak it all in and let go of the anxiety and stress that always threaten to pile up and ruin the moment. Below are some wedding day tips that’ll help make the ceremony go even smoother.



  • Hydrate

Your wedding day will start as early as possible. With things like your hair, makeup, dress fittings to deal with, you could forget about water. It’s important to have a bottle in hand to hydrate yourself throughout the day.


  • Eat, No Matter What!

You’ll need a lot of energy for your wedding day so ensure you’re well fed before and during the ceremony. Eat a breakfast of proteins to keep you energized.

Also, tell your caterer to set aside food for you, and that includes the cake! You may not have time to eat at the party but you’ll definitely be starving after the ceremony.


  • Give Your Phone to Someone You Trust

Phones are distractions and you don’t need anything taking your attention away from what’s most important. For photos, you have a photographer, and for congratulatory messages and well-wishes, you can tend to them later. So, keep your phone with your friend, family member, or anyone you trust.


  • Soak It In!

Your wedding day will be filled with a lot of activities and you could easily get distracted. Don’t let this happen. Yes, be cordial and smile at everyone but let them take away the fun and magic of the moment. Take your time to breathe and to soak in every moment.


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