From unexpected costs to forgetting about your marriage license or going over the budget, there are many wedding-planning mistakes easy to make.

Wedding planning is a significant and overwhelming task, and as a couple, you’re probably new to the whole thing. We have compiled some common mistakes to avoid!


APE Common Wedding Planning Mistake Couples Make

  • Doing Anything Before Setting a Budget

Setting a realistic budget is one of the most important things to put in place before starting any wedding plan.

Know what you have and what you can spend at the wedding. Making plans without a budget may stress you out and incur more charges than you can pay.


  • Not Taking Weather to Consideration

Another wedding mistake is not having a plan B for the weather. Even if you set your wedding date to perfect weather, it’s still essential to have a contingency plan.

Nature is fickle, and a sudden rain can make things inconvenient if you don’t have a plan set up.


  • Letting Others Decide the Guest List

It’s your wedding, and you should invite people you want and can’t imagine your wedding without. You will save a lot of stress and probably money if you don’t allow people to interfere with your guest list randomly.


  • Assuming DIY is Cheaper

There is a common misconception about DIY. Everyone assumes it is cheaper. Maybe in cost, it is cheaper, but DIY comes with a lot of labor, stress and sometimes, it’s best to have an expert handle it.

If you are capable and want to show your creativity, you can DIY, but don’t go into it because you think it’s cheaper.


  • Skipping Wedding Entertainment and Music

Some couples make plans for food, outfit, venue, etc., but forget the wedding entertainment. It’s essential to make your wedding fun for your guests. You can hire a DJ for music services and have some game time incorporated into the wedding menu.

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