Weddings can be costly, and you will be surprised by the number of Wedding ‘Must-Haves’ you can easily skip, and no one will notice or care. If you are a budget bride, below are five things you can skip keep to your budget or save a lot of money.



  • Flowers

Flowers are a big way to save money. Superfluous flower decorations are not necessary; they are probably going to be useless after the celebration, and it would have cost you a lot.

If you are a budget bride, consider skipping flowers. You can have a bouquet if you feel it’s necessary.


  • Champagne Toast

Champagne is another part of the wedding you can cut out. It costs a decent amount of money to get champagne, and your wedding will be excellent without it.


  • Wedding Favors

Your guests aren’t going to miss the favors. Sure, they are nice and thoughtful, but they can be an expensive gesture your guests may not even remember.

By skipping the favors, you can save money or invest in another part of your wedding; say food?


  • Wedding Programs

Instead of spending money to make wedding programs, consider a big program board, visible to anyone in the venue.


  • Chair Covers

We doubt your guests will notice or care about chairs without covers. Unless the chairs in the venues are eyesores, skip the chair covers.


  • Huge Wedding Ceremony Décor

You don’t need to go overboard with wedding decorations your guests may not notice.  When it comes to wedding décor, minimal décor will work just fine. Besides, all eyes would be on you anyway. Go with just enough décor that brings out the beauty of the setting, or skip it altogether.


If you are a bride on a budget, we recommend you skip some things that may not matter in the grand scale of things. However, one of the things we don’t recommend anyone skipping from their wedding is entertainment! Music and entertainment add fun, vibe, and happiness to every wedding.

That’s why we at APE are dedicated to providing quality music and entertainment services for weddings in Alaska and its environs.

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