Every wedding deserves a DJ that can bring fun, entertainment, and amazing music to your one-of-a-kind event. However, to get the best services from a DJ, there are a few things you should tell them before your event. Below are some things you should discuss with your DJ.



  • Important Songs

Every wedding ceremony has important moments, this includes the first dance, cake cutting, the walk down the aisle, and many more. These important moments should go with an emotional and beautiful soundtrack. If you have some songs in mind for these moments, you should discuss it with your DJ.


  • To MC or To Not

Many DJs often double as MCs, which means if you want or do not want a DJ to emcee that day, you need to discuss it with them. If you decide to let them emcee for you, let them know about your preferences, topics they should avoid, etc.


  • Pronunciation

No one likes their name mispronounced. If your DJ is going to be announcing the couple and the wedding party, then give them the correct pronunciation and spelling of names especially if there are unpopular names.


  • Must Not Play Songs

Whilst you are making a list of songs you’d like at your party, it’s also important to note the songs that are off-limit. Let your DJ know the songs you wouldn’t like at your party-perhaps due to the message, preference, language, or other reasons.


  • Requests

If you have no problem with your guests requesting songs from the DJ, then let your DJ know. Requests are usually so cool at wedding parties because it gives the guests the chance to control the playlist and give the DJ an idea of what songs, artists, or genre the guests prefer.


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