DJs do considerably more than just play music. They have a lot of duties during and behind the scenes to ensure your days go well. Below are some things about Djing and DJs that you should know about.



  • They Work Hours for Your Wedding

Many people think Djing is easy and requires little effort. However, DJs can spend up to 12 hours to prepare and perform at a wedding. Anyone can play music but DJs do more than just play music. They have to read the crowd and control the mood of the crowd by playing the right song at the right time at the right tempo.


  • DJs aren’t the Same

Many don’t know this but not all DJs are the same. When you are hiring a DJ for your wedding, ensure you hire a DJ that specializes in weddings. A club DJ can help you rock a party but wedding parties have a different dynamic that is better handled by a professional DJ.


  • Your Music Taste May Be Different from Your Guests

When creating a playlist for your event, you have to be open-minded. While your wedding party is about you, you have to be considerate of your guests too. DJs will help you tailor a playlist that will suit you and your guests.


  • Feed the DJ and His Team

The DJ would likely be at the venue before the event starts and wait behind to pack up after the event. Offer the DJ and his team a meal to ensure they don’t go hungry.


  • Do Not Request Too Many Songs

DJs want you to trust them with your wedding music. While it is nice to demand some songs be played at your wedding, it is also important to let your DJ have a say. DJs are experienced. They know what works and doesn’t and you should trust their judgment.


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