Music can transform almost every event into a fun and memorable one. For your wedding, music should be among the things you plan for.

You want to set the right mood and keep your guests tapping their feet, don’t you? We’ll help you achieve that! Do you have a wedding around the corner? Below are valuable music wedding tips.



  • Outline The Day

You need music for various moments in your wedding ceremony. There is the cocktail moment, the couple dance, the cake cutting, the toast, and the dance. Each moment deserves a soundtrack. Jot down all the special moments and figure the songs that work with the moment.


  • Have a Dance Floor

If you want your guests to dance, then you need a dance floor. Make the dance floor as spacious as possible with all the proper lighting. You can also keep a photo booth or bar right beside the dance floor to get people in the mood. Also, keep in mind that many people prefer a dark environment to a well-lit room while dancing.


  • Hire a DJ

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional to handle the music services at your wedding event. DJs have the right skills and equipment to make your wedding music as fun and suitable as possible. You can also hire wedding music professionals like a Band, Cellist, Pianist, or even a musician.


  • Chat About Your Taste

If you hire a professional to handle your wedding music services, it’s also important to discuss your taste with them. Is there a song you really want at your wedding? Is there a theme for your event? What songs do you not like? Talk to them about it and show them the outline of your wedding for proper music transitions.


  • Keep Your Vision

It’s your wedding and what you want matters the most. Personalize your wedding music to suit your taste. If you have a great love for jazz or there’s a piece of traditional music you love for your wedding, play it. Don’t feel pressured to play songs you don’t know want.


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