Wedding nerves exist! Planning, calling, scheduling consultations, hiring vendors, and the entire stress of a wedding can get anyone anxious. The good news is with the help of pros and a few guides, you can reduce the anxiety of planning your wedding. Below are some ways to reduce wedding day anxiety.



  • Anticipate Your Anxiety

No matter how simple your wedding may be or how organized you are, you’re not immune to stress. By anticipating your anxiety, you’re more likely to know how to manage the situation. Find ways to ditch moments you feel may trigger you or find ways to manage it.


  • Create A Self Care Routine

Your mental health is very important and you need to take deliberate steps and efforts to maintain your wellbeing. It’s easy to forget all about yourself when you have one million things to plan and a hundred people to invite.


Identify your own needs, put yourself first, take a break if you feel like it. Have a self-care routine, and this could be spending time doing other things you love or making time to do something other than worrying about your wedding.


  • Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s. This may be a little difficult, of course, but pitting your wedding against others is just wrong and unhealthy.


  • Imperfection Is Inevitable

Don’t get so obsessed with planning the “perfect” wedding while losing sight of the reason you’re getting married in the first place. Your wedding day can’t be literally perfect because nothing is perfect, so don’t torture yourself. Know that your wedding will be beautiful no matter what venue, cake, or color you decide to go for.


  • Enjoy It

This may be obvious but many times, couples are so stressed out and anxious that they just want to get the wedding done and over. Sometimes, you need to enjoy the planning process; enjoy your wedding day, and don’t let unnecessary matters get in the way. Have lots of fun on your wedding day; play games; hire a DJ; dance a lot, and relish every moment.


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