A DJ is mainly responsible for the entertainment part of your wedding. And to ensure you and your guests have a blast, it is necessary to hire the right DJ. But how do you find the right DJ? Below are some tips to keep in mind when finding one!


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  • Know Where to Look

It is advisable to seek out recommendations and referrals to guide you to the right DJ. You could enquire from trusted websites, venues, vendors, and friends/family.


  • Do Your Research

When you get a name or suggestion you think may be great for your event, go ahead and do your research. Many DJs have websites and social media pages; check them out. Dig deeper to see what people are saying about them and the events they’ve handled in the past.


  • Make A Short List of DJs

After your research, try to make a shortlist of DJs you think will be perfect for your event. Contact them, enquire about their services, meet them, and ask questions. This stage will help you narrow down your choices to one.


  • Ask Questions

We advise that you get in contact with your prospective DJ and ask the right questions. Please find out about their pricing, equipment, qualifications, experience, and events they’ve handled.

You can even get them to play some samples if that will reassure you of their skills. Also, let them know what you want for your wedding and if they can handle it.


  • Signing The Contract

Once you decide on a DJ, make sure you get a contract. We don’t recommend working with someone who can’t provide one. Besides, ensure the contract has all the deliverables you expect for your wedding.


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