Throwing a bridal shower? Make sure it’s interesting and fun by including some entertainment options! A bridal shower is held a few weeks or months before your wedding and while you may have big plans for your wedding already, it shouldn’t stop you from making your bridal shower unforgettable. The following games will surely add some spice to your party.



  • Find the Guest

This game is fun and will give the guests the opportunity to get to know one another. This game involves using a checklist where the guests have to find someone with particular characteristics.

For example, the checklist can contain something like, “find the guest who speaks 3 languages”. This will encourage guests to have conversations with each other in an attempt to get the questions right.


  • The Nearly-Wed Game

This mostly involves the bride. The bride is made to answer interesting questions about her relationship which her partner has already replied to. Once she responds, her answer is matched with her partner.


  • Ring Hunt

This game can be played for the entire duration of your bridal shower. Hide plastic rings in corners of the venue and whoever finds the most ring gets a prize.


  • Romantic Movie Quotes

Task the guests to write down as many romantic movie quotes as possible within a time frame. The guest with the highest number of correct answers wins.


  • Wedding Drawing Game

You will need a whiteboard and markers for this game. Write down random things on cards (Dragon, Penthouse, Ferrari) and ask the guests to pick a card without looking at the content. Then turn by turn, the guests should draw what they have on their cards.


  • Guess the Song

The DJ will play snippets of songs and the guests will have to guess and write down the title and the artist. The guest with the most correct answers goes home with a prize.


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Whether it’s a small or huge event, your party deserves to be unforgettable and nothing makes a party more memorable than the fun in it.

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