Wedding music can make or break your day, and you don’t want to hire someone without assessing their skills. One way to ensure you are hiring the right DJ is to gauge their professionalism and reliability by asking essential questions. These are some essential questions to ask any DJ you are considering for your wedding.



  • How Long Have You Been Doing This?

DJs with seasoned experience are more likely to handle your event better. You don’t want a DJ’s first wedding to be yours. Make sure the DJ you are considering has enough experience and skills to handle your important day. You can also ask how many weddings they’ve done to understand better what they can do for you.


  • Will You Be The DJ at Our Wedding

The person you speak with may not be the DJ who will be handling your event. Some DJ companies have more than one DJ, and they may get you to sign the contract without you seeing the DJ that will be performing. It would help if you got to speak with the specific DJ working with you to assess and guarantee they would do a good job.


  • What’s Your Rate?

Knowing the rate of your DJ will help you see if it’s something that fits your budget. You can also increase your wedding budget or negotiate a discount to get the services of that  DJ.


  • Do You Offer A Written Contract?

We don’t recommend you to hire a DJ that doesn’t use a contract. A written agreement is one of the things that establish the professionalism and reliability of a DJ. The contract should outline the DJ’s obligation to you and your wedding.


  • Do You Act As Emcee and Make Announcements?

Many professional DJs also serve as an emcee who makes announcements during the wedding. However, some DJs aren’t comfortable with being an emcee, so ask before securing their services.


  • How Would You Describe Your Style

Knowing the style and the type of music of your DJ will help you see if it’s something you and guests will love.


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