A large part of the wedding day’s vision depends on the setting you choose, whether it is a luxurious banquet hall, a private estate, or a church you hold dear to your heart.

Although for some couples, the choice is easy, for others, it may be a toss between the two. Therefore, to help you make a decision, we have provided information on some of the most popular types of weddings and the kinds of weddings they are most suitable for!


APE 6 Types Of Settings For Your Wedding Venue in 2021

  • Beach Wedding

A beach wedding creates a soothing and intimate feeling between you and your loved ones. Such a wedding is perfect for holding small celebrations with close family and friends. When choosing a beach wedding, make sure that the weather is at its best.


  • Church Wedding

A church wedding allows you to integrate ceremonies and rituals that are indispensable to your faith and is presided over by an official who may have known you for many years.

A church wedding is unique and detailed, all of which will be integrated into your ceremony photos.


  • Ballroom Wedding

Ballrooms are usually associated with hotels or resorts. They offer excellent backdrops for your wedding photos!

Ballroom weddings give a magical feeling to the wedding venue. You don’t have to worry about climate conditions, so whether it rains or shines, your wedding celebration will go perfectly well.


  • Resort Wedding

Resort weddings are lovely for many reasons. Whether you want a luxurious wedding or you seek something beautiful, you can efficiently utilize the venue’s breathtaking beauty.

You can easily add your unique and personal touches to the ceremony and reception. Better yet, ask your wedding planners to handle it and create a magical atmosphere.


  • Vineyard Wedding

A vineyard wedding is not as popular, but it is a perfect place for your family and friends to celebrate with you. One reason we say this is because your favorite wine is within your reach!

With the brilliant sun’s light bathing you, enjoy exquisite wine and food. You can take advantage of the lavish backdrops nature offers you.  This is an integral part of the wine country lifestyle.


  • Private Estate Wedding

The private estate has a magnificent landscaped garden that’s ideal for portraits on the wedding day. At such a wedding, there are almost no restrictions on the places you can go. You decide how to take advantage of the gorgeous interior spaces too.

And such venues can be easily converted into venues suitable for intimate wedding parties or large-scale events.


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