One of the most important steps to take when planning your wedding is to decide on a venue. Believe it or not, the venue adds to the fun too! Because you want your guests relaxed and enticed to dance to sweet music, courtesy of your wedding DJ, right? Well, make sure you host them in a venue that accommodates this!


You can be creative with your wedding venues by picking out unique and unconventional venues for an unforgettable experience. Here are some unique wedding venues you may like to try out!



  • Restaurant

Restaurants make great wedding venues, especially if you are expecting a few guests. Ensure that the restaurant has beautiful aesthetics and enough space to accommodate your guests.


  • Yacht

A wedding on the water will give you a stunning view you and your guests will never forget. Rent a private yacht for a beautiful sea wedding experience.


  • Beach

Beach weddings are an excellent idea for many reasons. It provides beautiful scenery, a pleasant atmosphere, and a great outdoor backdrop.


  • Festival Sites

Hosting your wedding at a festival site is a perfect way to make your event very entertaining and memorable.


  • Libraries, Museums, and Galleries

Are you a lover of art or books? Libraries, museums, or galleries can create a stunning atmosphere for your receptions. It would also be a creative way to reflect your styles and personality.


  • Adventurous Sites

Why don’t you make your wedding an adventurous event by picking sites like a waterfall, mountains, cave, a forest reserve, ski lodge, state parks, aquariums or other sites that allow you to explore or get adventurous? They can all be excellent places for a wedding celebration!


  • Sport Venues

Basketball or tennis court, stadiums, football fields, bowling alleys, gyms, and other sports sites are also unique venue options.


  • Barn or Ranch

Barns give you the flexibility to design and get creative as you like. Transform the barn with creative DIY decors and bright colors.


  • Breweries and Distilleries

Having a wedding in a winery is currently a trend, and we are not surprised because they provide an exciting wedding setting.


Whether it’s a traditional wedding venue or non-conventional, it is essential to provide entertainment options for your guests. That’s why Alaska Professional Entertainment provides music and entertainment services for wedding events like few other entertainers can!


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