You have been planning your wedding for months now and everything is in place. But have you taken the last-minute hitch or the possibility of something going wrong into consideration? It’s important to be as prepared for things like this as you can. This entails makeup, wardrobe malfunction, or even a simple headache. Below is a list of things both the bride and groom should have in their emergency kits.



  • Bottle of Water and Snacks

Due to the excitement and activities of a wedding, brides and grooms have been known to skip meals. It’s good to have some water or a sweet and energy-laden snack like a granola bar close to you during your ceremony.


  • Bobby Pins/ Hairspray

This one is for the bride. With rituals like hugging friends/family, dancing, taking photos, you’re definitely going to need a bobby pin or hairspray to keep your hair in place.


  • Sewing Kit

Even the most perfect dresses or tuxedos can have a fallen hem or button. A mini sewing kit close at hand will make any wardrobe malfunction easy to fix.


  • Dental Floss

Food may get stuck in your teeth and that instantly makes smiling pretty awkward, regardless of whether you’re smiling at people or in photos. Bring along dental floss that can save you from this.


  • Ibuprofen/Pain Relievers and Band Aids

Headaches and body pain can strike when you least expect them to, thus, it’s always a good idea to have a pain reliever with you. Shoes can cause blisters too and a band-aid can cater to that.


  • Perfumes/Deodorants

Throw some perfumes in your kit to keep yourself smelling great all day. And a deodorant would help to reduce sweat stains.


  • Tampons

Except you’re very sure about the timing of your period, have sanitary supplies in your emergency kit.


  • Mini Makeup Kit

We advise you to pack a mini kit to touch up your makeup, wipe off sweat, and clear makeup smudges.


Make Your Day Perfect!

Everyone wants a stress-free wedding and the best way to achieve one is to prepare for it beforehand. Do that and you can focus on what matters the most: the celebration of the union between you and your loved one.

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