A wedding invitation that isn’t addressed properly can actually annoy your guests. We understand that planning a wedding involves a long list of things to do and wedding invitations may be the least of your worries. However, it’s important to address your guest appropriately and with proper etiquette.



General Rules for Addressing Wedding Invitations

  • Miss, Ms., and Mrs.

Miss is used for a girl under 18 while Ms. for an unmarried woman or a married woman who still goes by her maiden name. Mrs. for a married woman who goes by her husband’s surname.

If you are unsure about whether a woman prefers a Mrs. or Ms., you can give them a call to ascertain what they prefer.


  • Avoid Abbreviations:

Apart from titles like Ms., Mr. Dr., other words in a wedding invite should be spelled out. This includes the address and numeric names. For example: Str, Apt should be written in full as Street, Apartment, and 14th Street should be written as the Fourteenth street.


  • Avoid Initials Too

Wedding Invitations are better off with the recipient’s full name. If you are unsure of the guest’s middle name, skip it, or ask them.


  • Keep Proper Nouns in Mind

Proper nouns are meant to be capitalized. Meanwhile, phrases like “and Guests” or “and Family” are not proper nouns and do not need capitalization.


  • Give Distinction When It’s Due

Whether the guest is your friend, an old classmate, or an acquaintance, you still need to be formal and give them their distinction. Titles like Dr. Esq., Ph.D., Professor, and the Honorable, should be included where necessary.


  • Be Clear If Children Are Invited

If you want your guests to come along with their kids, be clear about it by including “and family” after the parents’ names.


  • Children Over 18 Should Get Their Own Invites

Even if they are part of the same household, it’s better if everyone above 18 gets their own invite.


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