It’s a tough time that we’re living in right now, there’s no doubt about it. While the world’s on hold, across the globe people are facing cancellations of events and celebrations that they were looking forward to. This includes thousands of couples who have had to put the brakes on their upcoming wedding ceremony because of the global pandemic, holding off on their plans for the foreseeable future. 


If you and your partner have had to cancel the wedding that you had hoped would be taking place this year, we truly understand how upsetting this must have been for you. We wanted to use this blog post as an opportunity to provide some guidance and a few tips to, hopefully, help you feel better about the current situation you’re in. The tips below will help you and your partner to both navigate the current challenges that come with a cancellation, while also looking to the future with a renewed sense of optimism. Stay positive: your wedding day will eventually take place, and when it does, it will be absolutely fantastic. 


  • Get in touch with your insurance company 


If you’re planning a wedding in the future, it’s so important that you invest in getting wedding insurance. This will cover all kinds of different eventualities and mishaps that might occur on the day, so it’s always best to protect yourself and the money that you have spent. So, if your wedding day has been cancelled, get in touch with your insurance company to get their help seeking reimbursement. 


  • Keep a checklist


This might be tough to start with, but we’d recommend writing up a list of everything that you need to be refunded for (everything from the venue right through to little details like the flowers). That way, you’ll be able to stay organized and keep on track with the progress of all of the money that is coming back in. Plus, by using a notebook to help log these details, it will help you to prevent these little worries from dwelling on your mind. 


  • Speak to your family 


You might find that you’re struggling to talk to your partner about this, because you both feel disappointed but want to help each other stay positive and happy. So this is where your family and close friends will be a great comfort to you. Don’t be afraid to open up to them a bit and talk to them about how you’re feeling. 


  • Celebrate the day anyway!


If you’re still in lockdown on the date that would have been your wedding day. Celebrate it with your partner anyway. Keep yourselves in a positive mindset and celebrate the love that you have, as well as the exciting future that you have together. 


When it can finally take place, we’ll help make your wedding ceremony well worth the wait. We’re the best wedding DJ and entertainment service in Alaska. So, you can trust us to make sure that your wedding day is full of fun, celebrations and absolutely unforgettable.