Outdoor weddings make for deeply emotive and especially romantic ceremonies, that encapsulate everything that the great outdoors stands for. All this raw emotion taking place within such a picturesque, sublime setting makes for a ceremony that’s full of heart. 

For those eager couples who have finished picking their perfect wedding venue location, we’ve created a round-up of top tips to make an outdoor ceremony, and the breathtaking altar at the heart of it, stunningly beautiful.


  • Gazebos make a picture-perfect altar feature

Positioning a gazebo at the end of the altar, under which you make your vows and say ‘I do’, provides a gorgeous sculptural feature to frame a couple, while acting as a stunning backdrop to tie the whole outdoor ceremony together. Using a natural gazebo adorned with white flowy fabric makes for a wonderful sculptural feature for an outdoor altar.


  • Flower decorations (to go with the natural ones)

Just because you’re outdoors, doesn’t mean that flowers can’t still adorn an altar. There’s so much that you can do with floral decorations, like decorating an archway with ivy, using large statement potted plants, or using bouquets of flowers on pillars. Techniques like these will all bring out the beauty of your surroundings, because they provide your venue with stunning feature pieces which act to amplify all of the raw and natural beauty which makes up the scenery of your altar, as the pairing of the tailor-made and unorchestrated beauties tie in seamlessly together. 


  • Fabric draperies 

We think that soft, flowing fabric takes the visuals of any outdoor ceremony up another level. It can be draped across the chairs where your guests are seated, used to frame your gazebo or used as a way of framing the entire area that you’ll be using. Using supple fabric in elegant, muted colors adds a classically elegant touch to an outdoor setting. We find that it’s a beautiful way of providing a subtle homage to the rich tradition of weddings and their traditional grandeur but bringing this timelessness into a modern outdoor altar in a sophisticated way.


Are you sold on the idea of an outdoor ceremony? We can hardly blame you, incorporating such magnificent natural scenery (as we’re lucky to have in abundance around us) makes for a really special occasion.  We’re the best wedding DJ and entertainment service in Alaska. So, whatever you may wish your wedding day to look like, Eric will help you alongside every step of the wedding planning process, to incorporate all of these little details into your ceremony, to make your wedding day one which is unforgettable and entirely unique to you both.