The bride walking down the aisle is one of the most important and anticipated moments of every wedding ceremony.  Different cultures and religions have different orders when it comes to the wedding procession. This means there is no right or wrong way to have your wedding procession. However, there’s a popular order used at most wedding events, and below is the breakdown.



  • The Bride’s Mother

The mother of the bride usually marks the start of the procession and takes her seat in the left-hand aisle.



  • The Groom’s Mother

The Groom’s mother then follows taking her seat in the right-hand aisle.



  • Grandparents of the Bride and Groom

If the grandparents are going to be attending the wedding, they should be included in the wedding procession too.



  • Groomsmen

The groomsmen can walk in one by one or together. Usually, they stand at the front to await the groom and the best man.



  • The Best Man and Groom

The best man either walks in last as the groomsmen or may walk in with the groom.



  • The Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

The Bridesmaids walk in one by one followed by the maid of honor who would later stand by the bride’s side at the altar.



  • Flower girls, Page Boys and Ring Bearer

Flower girls and page boys precede the bride down the aisle.



  • The Father of The Bride and The Bride

Traditionally, the bride’s father escorts his daughter down the aisle. He then hands her over to the groom at the altar and takes his seat next to the bride’s mother.

Pro Tip: For such an important moment, the wedding procession should be accompanied with fitting music. The music that follows the moment the bride, the groom, and others walk in will set the tone for the occasion.


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