The best thing about photographers is their ability to capture and preserve special moments so you can revisit them again and again. We appreciate the value of a well-captured, beautiful photograph, that’s why we love working with photographers. Chelsa Paulk of Chelsa-J photography is a talented photographer who captures every detail and beauty at her clients’ weddings with remarkable deftness and skill. In today’s edition of our weekly vendor spotlight, we are excited to feature one of the favorite vendors we’ve worked with over the years, Chelsa-J Photography!



  • Why Choose Them as Your Wedding Photographers?

Choose them if you want to have an amazing day and excellent pictures to go along with it! Chelsa Paulk owns the company, and she loves her job won’t be there just to take pictures. She builds relationships with her clients and is with them through every step and every moment of the event. Her pictures are always artful and beautiful!

She’s ready to work with whatever you want. Whether its vintage, night Wedding, or outdoor wedding, Chelsa-J Photography is adept at capturing any kind of wedding. Their finished products are always beautiful to see!


  • Are They Available to Travel?

Chelsa Paulk has captured weddings across the United States and beyond. Not getting married in Alaska? Chelsa-J is available to travel with you anywhere!


  • What’s It Like to Work with Them?

Working with Chelsa-J is always amazing. Chelsa makes everyone feel comfortable with her. She is organized, she is extremely talented, takes her job seriously, and gets along well with other vendors and clients she works with.


  • Are Digital Files Included in The Wedding Packages?

After the event, Chelsa-J will deliver high-quality digital files and printed photos for clients, and they would have full print rights.


  • Do They Work with Other Vendors?

Chelsa-J has worked with several amazing vendors, including wedding planners, florists, interior decors, DJs, etc, and she’ll continue to work with more.


  • How Good Is She?

Literally every client she’s worked for always recommends her. That’s how good she is! If you want a talented and professional photographer that portrays the beauty, joy, and love of your event without boring a hole in your pockets, Chelsa-J is who you want.


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