Memories of your wedding deserve to be captured by a professional photographer because only they know how to make timeless pictures that that will never lose their value nor the sentiment laden in them.

Doug Olson is one such professional photographer. He’s an amazing wedding photographer who pays a great deal of attention to details and helps clients recreate their special moments through amazing pictures.

Doug is passionate about his craft, always utilizing the most modern photography gear to ascertain the quality and beauty of the pictures he takes. Just as we did so many others before him, we welcome Doug Olson in this week’s edition of our vendor spotlight series!



  • What Kind of Photography Does He Do?

Doug Olson excels at different types of photography but he specializes in outdoor photography for weddings, families, kids, and more. He also has a studio that is perfect for taking great photographs.


  • Does He Travel?

Yes, his services aren’t restricted to Alaska alone. With small travel fees, Doug Olson is ready to travel outside Alaska and meet couples to help make their day even more special.


  • Will I Get Digital Copies?

If you want, you can get digital copies of your pictures. Usually, each photo session is followed by an online viewing, and for each photo, there is an option to purchase the print and get digital copies.


  • Does He Offer Different Wedding Packages?

Doug Olson Photography offers 3 wedding packages, and all 3 are designed to suit different needs and budgets of clients. There is the Basic Package at $1,350 with up to 5-hour coverage and 200-300 pictures.  The Gold Package costs $1850 with 400-500 pictures with coverage that lasts all through your wedding day. The last package is the Platinum which goes for $2450 and comes with 700-800 pictures and 2 photographers!


  • How Do I Book Him?

Doug Olson prefers to be booked via his Facebook page. You can also reach out to him by filling the contact form on his website at to schedule an appointment. Doug will give your event the attention it deserves and the results are always breathtaking!


Like Doug, our company pays great attention to events. We want the best for our clients’ events, bringing music, fun, and entertainment to keep everyone happy and dancing all through the ceremony.

No wedding is complete without great music and entertainment and that just means no wedding is complete without Alaska Professional Entertainment!

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