Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be perfect. After all, that’s why couples spend so much time and money planning that day. To make sure you leave no room for regrets, we have compiled some common wedding day mistakes to avoid!


APE Wedding Day Regrets and How To Avoid Them

  • Fashion Style

You don’t need to please anyone but yourself when it comes to outfit choice. Will your shoes and makeup style make you happy in years to come? Choosing to wear what makes you happy is more important than wearing what others think you should wear.


  • Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Plan for your wedding day weather ahead by having a contingency plan. Even if it’s an unexpected rain, have a plan B ahead to ensure nothing, not even the rain, ruins your day.


  • Worrying Over Small Details

Many couples agonize over the littlest details about their weddings–the color of napkins, the seating arrangement, and the invitation card fonts. While these are nice things to plan for your wedding, don’t spend so much time ruminating over details your guests won’t care about.


  • DIY Projects

While the idea of having things done yourself is cool, sometimes it’s not the best plan. Doing it yourself can stress or wear you out and cost more than hiring a professional. If you are not having fun with DIY, it’s best to walk away.


  • Inviting People You Don’t Want To Be There

The last face you want to see at your wedding is the face of someone you don’t like or can’t remember you invited.


Your wedding day is about surrounding yourself with your loved ones. Look over your guest lists carefully and ensure everyone you want to share your wedding with.


  • Not Preparing Entertainment Options

Asides from witnessing your beautiful moment, your guests are at your wedding to have fun. We advise that your wedding plans include things to satisfy your guests and make them enjoy their time. Make sure you get music services and incorporate fun/game options guests will love.


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